Increasing Drug Use in the US

In the US, the number of people dying from an overdose is increasing. Now, the drug agency DEA has warned of a serious increase in drug use in the United States. It is better to not use drugs to avoid a drug charge lawyer Dallas and so will not be detained for it.

According to a report released by the DEA, January to August 2017 saw more drug deaths than ever since records began. In addition, there are more drug deaths since 2011 than deaths from traffic accidents, suicides or murders.

In particular, the continued presence of the Mexican cartels has led to an “epidemic” of drugs. For example, drugs smuggled from Mexico into the United States were a major and ever-increasing threat and “the main source of local drug traffickers.” “It has never been more important to use all means against this epidemic. We need to remain steadfast in our fight against drug abuse, ” the report said.

Overdose due to prescription drugs

But also prescription drugs prepare the investigators concern. These are consumed by the American population more often than heroin, cocaine or the party drug MDMA. Most people died of overdose after using a prescription drug.

In addition, the number of heroin deaths is increasing. Above all, the combination of heroin and the painkiller Fentanyl rise and sharpen the problem. Because the painkiller is faster dependent than heroin and is a hundred times stronger than morphine.

Concern about fentanyl is also raging in England, where the crime department raised the alarm in August, with around 60 deaths attributed to abuse of the painkillers since the beginning of the year. Prince, Fentanyl’s most well-known victim: died in April 2016. At the autopsy, forensic physicians reported an overdose of the drug as a cause of death.

The INCB indicates that the States reported “a disproportionate increase in drug overdose among women”, although it does not provide specific data. The report argues that women are more likely to be prescribed anxiolytics or tranquilizers and that in countries like Germany or Serbia overdoses with prescription drugs are higher among them.

The INCB notes that there was a “substantial” increase in the number of women detained for drug-related offenses worldwide and, among the prison population, drug use is higher – proportionally – among women than among men.

In addition to the inmates, another group exposed especially to drug use is that of sex workers, and the INCB demands that specific prevention, treatment and rehabilitation programs be developed for these groups.

“Drug-dependent women may face multiple difficulties, for example, they may suffer great stigma, their families or communities may exclude them, be victims of violence by their partners or relatives, and resort to sex work, or be forced to do so, to finance their drug use or that of their partner “, summarizes the report of the INCB.

Sipp adds: “Women are much less present in treatments and programs, the question is why, and there are cultural aspects, structural problems and many other reasons” in which each State must work to respond.

The US Drug Enforcement Administration. UU (DEA for its acronym in English) issued in 2015 a national alert by declaring fentanyl “a threat to public health and safety”


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