Our History

Capogna’s Dugout Restaurant began its rookie season in March 1973, with seating of 104. Tremendous customer response to this unique restaurant resulted in the need for additional dining space and kitchen facilities. Within three years, the original staff of twelve had tripled and seating capacity increased to 170. The need for expansion was evident, so the next addition was the Clubhouse Lounge, a cozy setting where customers enjoy food and drinks while watching sports events on the big screen TV’s. The restaurant now seats 290 and employs 65 persons, who have but one objective — satisfying the customer.

Sadly, in 1994, the founder of Capogna’s Dugout Restaurant, Art Capogna, passed away. His legacy, however, lives on in the capable hands of his four children: Al, Chris, Mike and Stefani. They learned from the best, so the continued success of Capogna’s Dugout Restaurant is assured. Ours is a team of All Stars whose winning motto is: