You see it in newspapers, TV news reports and on-line press release websites, the same story regurgitated, dressed up in various themes but the message always consistent, “Personal Injury Lawyers are driving up the cost of insurance policies”. It’s no secret that the insurance companies are behind these stories, carefully manipulating headlines and newspaper columns to help spread the word that ‘Personal Injury Lawyers are all Ambulance Chasers.’

There is a segment of lawyers that give the profession a black name and don’t help with the reputation of injury lawyers. However, the majority of injury lawyers don’t need to chase clients down, they don’t take on claims that are unrealistic in getting a result just so they can charge the claimant (the person making the claim), they don’t cold call and they don’t turn up at hospital beds shoving contracts under a persons nose while they are still receiving their stitches.

Ever wondered why insurance companies give personal injury lawyers a hard time? This article reveals the insurance companies’ secret mission.

Why would insurance companies want to hurt the credibility of personal injury lawyers in this way? The reason is simple – insurance companies pay out more in compensation cases to people making a claim that are represented by a personal injury lawyer than those without a lawyer.

That’s right, they want the person who has been injured to make the claim themselves. By doing so they then can drive down the compensation paid out or worse use their own legal team to turn the claim on its head and nullify the claim completely.

Let’s strip everything away and look at the bare facts here. The perfect insurance company scenario

  • An individual is unfortunately hurt in an accident and the injured party makes a claim against the other party at fault who contact their insurance company.
  • The insurance company then contacts the claimant and advises them to make the claim themselves without involving any professional help such as an injury lawyer.
  • The claimant then accepts a rather reduced offer from the insurance company who have saved on litigation costs and also payment to the claimant.

The truth of the matter is those that are legally represented will receive more compensation for their injuries even after legal fees have been deducted than someone who goes it alone.

Is it any wonder then, that insurance companies want individuals who have been hurt, through no fault of their own, to make a claim without legal backing? So, next time you read the paper or hear about insurance companies complain personal injury lawyers and their involvement in compensation claims ask yourself the real motive behind their outcry.

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